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“Drizzle” is the on-demand online streaming system that allows you to watch indie films from around the world after they have made the rounds on the film festival circuit. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to support the creators of indie film content.

Unlimited streams

It’s next to impossible to make it to every film festival. How do you see every film after they have made the film festival rounds? With Drizzle, you can watch live events, festivals and indie films online, on your TV, computer or on our streaming app anytime.


Monthly Fee

Live Festival & Events

Drizzle streams live from festivals around the country that honor film creators. The goal is simple: To show them how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to the craft of film making. 

We work with local film groups to help pull together amazing event which include a pitch festival, live movie showings, excellent demonstrations and outstanding panelist to help you grow your film career. 


Through our app, TV or online, you can stream live events, festivals and a growing library of thousands of independent movie projects. Some of the projects we have directly supported to see them make it to the big screen. Your support and membership makes that possible.  

On Demand

Many of the indie films playing at film festivals around the country are available through Drizzle. Your membership gives you the power to watch them 24/365 on your TV, Computer or our downloaded APP.




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Monday-Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday: Open Online


Free 7 Day Film pass