About Us

Drizzle Films is a production company that prepares your idea, book or project for presentation.  Most people who have an idea for a film or a tv series need a few things to make it presentable. Website, Social Media, Pilot, or script adapted for TV. Additionally, some are in need of crowdfunding to raise funds for the initial production. This requires a teaser crowdfunding video that our team can produce. Usually, the creator of  a book can’t manage the filmmaking process. We pull together the entire production, actors, scriptwriters and more. And yes, we have limited connections with film funding opportunities for the right project. 

Some of the book writers have incredible stores but there is no one to market them, brand them or even make them highly visible. Drizzle Films is the work for hire in the presentation process. We don’t take a percentage of your project unless our pitch team is responsible for placement. We are not the final decision makers for your film placement on TV or in the movies. 

For production, you can higher all the moving parts you need from Fiverr, Upwork or Feelancer.com and more to produce and create the entire project. However, coming to Drizzle Films allows our team to become your one stop shop for the entire process.

If your book has made it to the New York Best sellers list or has a tremendous amount of notoriety,  then you have the attention of the people you need and you don’t need us for sure. The consultation starts with the amazing price of $0, moves to $250 and up depending on what you need. We have had and are happy to have countless hours of conversations about the process until you decide if we are the right fit. During that call you will get some great insight on what to do take the next steps with us or on your own.