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Drizzle Films and National Independent Filmmakers Network are a team of film production coordinators, writers and an amazing pitch team connected to the industry. We also have a fundraising and finance team that can share your project with investors as well as launch a crowdfunding campaign correctly. 

The ideal client for Drizzle Films and The National Independent Filmmakers network are clients that have an incredible book or idea and a growing list of followers. If this is you, then allow our team to consult with you and help you to launch your project. Please complete the form below to schedule a call with one of our coordinators.


From story to film. 


From Story To Film - Consultation

Tell us about your current staff/team.

Where would you like our pitch team to pitch your project?

"Help Me" Getting Started Package

  • Consultation - Steps from idea to book to film
  • (Optional) Website setup - Setup to build the books brand
  • Pitch deck - Prepared for investors
  • Crowdfunding strategy outlined
  • Pilot or Teaser video discussion
  • Social Media promo strategy outlined to increase book sales
  • Listed in our investor outlet option network

Additional Packages

  • Everything in getting started
  • Crowdfunding campaign setup
  • Launch of funding sources
  • Teaser video produced for the campaign
  • Team conference calls
  • Recruiting of staff
  • Casting
  • Pre and Post production staff established. 
  • Pilot produced
  • Optional Pitch Team selected for project placement.