Dallas, TX 9/21/2019

Las Vegas, NV 9/28/2019

Orlando, FL 11/9/2019

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  • September 21st, 2019 Dallas, TX Seminars and Film Festival AMC Theatre (Tickets)

  • September 28th, 2019 Las Vegas Rio All Suite & Casino 6-11 PM Private Listening session (Tickets)



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Yes, based on streams. You can monetize your content in our network. We calculate the number of streams for your film(s). Then we measure that against the other films with the most streams and through a mathematical equation, we determine the revenue share in the subscriptions we bring in each month. Is that confusing? Essentially, the more popular your film is, the more streams you get, the more subscriptions we sell, the more revenue share you get. We are happy to discuss the details.

Marketing, yes we do that!

At no additional cost to you, we select films to market to our clients. We don’t just let your film sit in the online streaming system. We have an entire marketing team responsible for help you to get more views of your film. We call it 3-way happiness. You, The View, and Drizzle are all happier when our app is used to view content.

Why not just put this on youtube or vimeo

You can still do that with your film. The questions is how you want to monetize the film, with or without ads?

When is the best time to submit my film?

Once your short film has made the film festival rounds and everyone in the theatres have seen it, we are ready to share it with the world and help you monetize it. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s just like traditional movies that go from the big screen to the other ON demand or streaming services except our network is geared toward indie film enthusiast.

Shorts or feature length

Right now we are only taking shorts under 12 minutes long.

How do I remove my content form your network?

There will times when it’s necessary to remove your content from our network. For example, someone viewed it, want to buy it, you have a deal for our film etc. No problem. Simply send us an email and we will act as quickly as possible. This means 48 hours at most to remove from the network depending on factors such as the weekend, holidays etc.

Can my film appear anywhere else while with you?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. If they find in our network, we will help you monetize it. If it’s just sitting out there on the web and they can get it there, that’s where they may watch it. This means you have fewer streams through Drizzle which means you will share in less revenue.

how many films can I have listed with you?

All of the films that come in are reviewed and selected by a team. So you can submit as many as you like. We may or may not select them all for distribution.

Distribution Channels: How does that work?

We distribute your movies and short films through multiple  Apps, including Netflix, Comcast Xfinity, Directv, Hulu and of course Drizzle. All locations can generate streaming revenue for your project of which we will pay to you. With Drizzle, you have a greater chance of getting the marketing you need for your film to be seen and to help you generate royalties.


From story to film. 


From Story To Film - Consultation

Tell us about your current staff/team.

Where would you like our pitch team to pitch your project?

"Help Me" Getting Started Package

  • Consultation - Steps from idea to book to film
  • (Optional) Website setup - Setup to build the books brand
  • Pitch deck - Prepared for investors
  • Crowdfunding strategy outlined
  • Pilot or Teaser video discussion
  • Social Media promo strategy outlined to increase book sales
  • Listed in our investor outlet option network

Additional Packages

  • Everything in getting started
  • Crowdfunding campaign setup
  • Launch of funding sources
  • Teaser video produced for the campaign
  • Team conference calls
  • Recruiting of staff
  • Casting
  • Pre and Post production staff established. 
  • Pilot produced
  • Optional Pitch Team selected for project placement.