Book To Film Conference


 Book to Film Schedule Saturday 2/8/2020

About this Event

Discover how to turn your ideas and books into TV shows and motion pictures.

At this event:

Do you want to finally see if your idea is good enough for the big screen?

Do you want to learn how to come up with the 1 line that hooks the executives and get them asking for more info?

Come meet with the experts on crowdfunding, publishing, marketing, branding and how to convert an idea from book to film.

We will have amazing panelists, discussions, and step by step tips to help you convert your ideas.

Bonus: Tickets include access to the Mini Film Festival and panelist discussions.

V.I.P Bonus: The step by step guide to going from Book to Film

V.I.P Bonus: 60 minutes Zoom V.I.P discussion about your book and idea.

V.I.P Bonus: How to create cool trailers for your book, film or tv show to help increase sales.

Idea to Publishing

Discover how to publish that book or idea of your dreams and turn it into a page-turner.

Book Adaptation

Turning your book into the script for film, television or series that has executives jumping out of their seats. What should it say and how to make them want to work with you.

How to Pitch

Pitch it and get it placed. How to prepare the brand, website, pitch deck, treatment, and show bible for presentation and get the idea to pop.

Bonus: Short Films and Panels

Let’s watch short films and listen to a panelist who has done this successfully. Bring your questions and get the answers to converting your idea into a film or TV series.


Panels and discussions on how to get your film to Amazon, Netflix, and other distribution channels. Discover DIY options to generate revenue.


Let’s get the funding so it doesn’t come out of your pocket 100%. Who has your money in their pockets? Crowd, Investors, Grants and more. Don’t miss this section.

Scheduled events:

1:45 p.m. Registration

2: 00 p.m. Your Idea Published

2: 30 p.m. From Published to Film

3:00 p.m. How to Adapt the Book to Film (Panels)

4:00 p.m. How to fund your ideas for film and tv

5:00 p.m. Distribution for Profits

Networking and after party! Double Shot Bar

Come network and meet the team to help you convert your ideas onto the big screen.

Note: Double tree currently charges $7 Valet $5 Self-Parking


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Miami, FL Book to Film

Successful authors who have a vision for the story they have written come to Drizzle Films to assemble the full production of their movie ideas. If your book is climbing the charts, we can meet you with everything you need including matching funds to produce your film. 

 – Book To Film |  – Funding | | Music For Film | Film Pitch | Networking


Drizzle Films can work with your budget or help you to create one and match that budget with additional contributors.

Ask us how to get started.

Raising funds for film production is different than raising funds for traditional projects. Our experts understand the steps needed and have the knowledge to put together a successful campaign.


You have written an amazing book. You want to convert the story into the big screen. Maybe it’s a sitcom, maybe it’s a short film or a feature film.

It’s time to convert it into a screenplay.

The team at Drizzle Films will assemble the writing and screenplay team to create a great feature.


We organize the entire production team to create your film. From the director to the cast to the music for the film, we manage everything. We even hire actors from Hollywood to play the parts.

Our team has worked on multiple projects and has the experience to make a great film. Additionally, we have the ability to match executive funds for production up to certain financial levels exceeding $15,000.


Listen to amazing music presented by awesome music creators as they share their perfect songs for film and television. Watch and enjoy live performances, music videos and more from the talented indie artist.

The Pitch 

We pick up where most companies leave the process. After the production is complete, we hand it to an amazing pitch team and through a strategic network of executives that share the final product with networks, streaming services, and other appropriate outlets.

Our goal is simple. Placement of your finished product in the hands of the right distribution channels so you can monetize.



Hang out and networking with us and others who are creators.



From story to film. 


From Story To Film - Consultation

Tell us about your current staff/team.

Where would you like our pitch team to pitch your project?

"Help Me" Getting Started Package

  • Consultation - Steps from idea to book to film
  • (Optional) Website setup - Setup to build the books brand
  • Pitch deck - Prepared for investors
  • Crowdfunding strategy outlined
  • Pilot or Teaser video discussion
  • Social Media promo strategy outlined to increase book sales
  • Listed in our investor outlet option network

Additional Packages

  • Everything in getting started
  • Crowdfunding campaign setup
  • Launch of funding sources
  • Teaser video produced for the campaign
  • Team conference calls
  • Recruiting of staff
  • Casting
  • Pre and Post production staff established. 
  • Pilot produced
  • Optional Pitch Team selected for project placement.