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From idea to Production


Filmmaking | Distribution | Funding

The Process to start

The startup process for helping you raise funds for your project is where most of our book to film and idea creators start. Why? It’s simple! Utilizing the funds of a crowd can build a fan base for the project before the launch. Plus, the out of pocket expense is minimized by the crowd funding efforts. That’s where our fundraising team comes in.
See the FAQ’s below before you get started.


When you hire us, we start production on what we think is the best cliff hanger, teaser or buzz creator video to help raise funds for your project. We have to create this video correctly to increase our chances of successfully launching your campaign.  Once created, we can begin the crowdfunding process. Production takes about 7-10 days. During that time, we will create graphics for you to begin the fundraising buzz on social media. 

The trailer Is Key!

Hire Us:


Who will produce my crowdfunding video?

Our production team will produce your trailer/crowdfunding video and share it with you for approval.  You’re initial deposit, once paid in full, is used to cover the cost of actors, production, editing, and the setup of your campaign. The goal of the campaign is to cover the entire production process as well as help recover the initial out of pock investment.

What happens if we don't raise 100% of the money needed for production?

It is possible that we could fall short of our collection goal. Remember, the goal is to help reduce the amount you would spend for production. If this happens we then look  at multiple option. 
Option 1 Production funds can be raised from private investors

Option 2 Production funds can be  raised from sponsors who want their product placed within your production if it fits a specific scene. This is called product placement. 
Option 3 We could also shoot a smaller pilot or short and show the potential of the project to investors or pitch for placement with a large distribution channel to cover the full cost of production.   
Option 4 Relaunch a crowdfunding campaign with a slightly different strategy to raise the balance of the funds. 


Does all of the production take place in my city?

If your book is written for a scene in California and we can shoot it in Florida for half the cost, we would choose Florida upon approval. However, we have teams around the country.  It all depends on the budget for the funds raised as well as what is called for to make the project believable during production. 

Who manages and hires the crew?

This is the power of Drizzle Films and The National Independent Filmmakers. We manage the entire process of not only hiring the team but also organizing the production from beginning to end. 

Who manages the crowdfunding money?

100% of all funds are sent to you and you disburse those funds base on the invoices submitted for each phase or production line item. 

How long does the crowdfunding campaign run?

No more than 30 days. This is plenty of time to maximize the campaign. 

Who manages the crowdfunding campaign?

Our crowdfund team can manage the process but it’s advised that you are also managing the process such as post and updates. The people that know you are more likely to give to you when they see your involvement. We will prepare a strong campaign for you and share with you the steps you can take for 30 days. 

The Pitch Team. Netflix and beyond

The biggest question we get is, will you pitch our project to Netflix? Yes, we will make a pitch if it fits what they are looking for at Netflix. However, there are so many  outlets competing with Netflix that may be hungry for your project and they will be happy to pick it up. We want a placement so we pitch to as many outlets as possible. 


Who owns the rights to the content?

You and your company own 100% of the content and the rights.  

No Disclosures | Privacy

Drizzle Films and our entire team is unable to disclose the details of your funding sources, production details, or any other information to third parties without your consent. 

How long does it take to start production?

There are many factors that can adjust the production time. Location for the scene, Winter, Summer, Permits, Approvals for production, Budget, Actor schedules, Director schedule, etc. During the fundraising process, we will begin the scheduling process. 

I need to make a payment for production

If you know what your production payment is, please click here to make a payment. Deposit Link

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From story to film. 


From Story To Film - Consultation

Tell us about your current staff/team.

Where would you like our pitch team to pitch your project?

"Help Me" Getting Started Package

  • Consultation - Steps from idea to book to film
  • (Optional) Website setup - Setup to build the books brand
  • Pitch deck - Prepared for investors
  • Crowdfunding strategy outlined
  • Pilot or Teaser video discussion
  • Social Media promo strategy outlined to increase book sales
  • Listed in our investor outlet option network

Additional Packages

  • Everything in getting started
  • Crowdfunding campaign setup
  • Launch of funding sources
  • Teaser video produced for the campaign
  • Team conference calls
  • Recruiting of staff
  • Casting
  • Pre and Post production staff established. 
  • Pilot produced
  • Optional Pitch Team selected for project placement.