We are often approached with many deals to partner, work for free or take a chance to push a project to the top. Long after that person has spent money on the writing, book cover, recording audios and so much more.

We get the concept of “sign me to a deal”!

The record labels stories of signing a great singer they found in a piano bar are a thing of the past. It just doesn’t happen anymore. If it does, it’s rare… very rare.

Today, labels look at the Instagram number, Youtube and facebook following, how many streams you have how much merchandise you’ve sold and yes, publishing. Can you write a hit song and if so, are you generating any revenue?

Why? Because the risk you’re taking on a project should generate a return. If you’re doing well, they will find you and give you an offer. If you’re not doing well and you’re amazing… you need marketing to show off your project.

You need to package your brilliance.

You can do this on your own. Yes! Sometimes it looks like you did it on your own but you “can do these things, Nemo”. You can build your own website, do your own book cover, create your own Facebook ads, build your own social media following and so much more.

You’re going to need that digital footprint if someone is going to invest in your project. “What are the numbers?” which is always the first question we get before they want to hear the story. They want to know… “Who cares beside them?” (Well at least now you know)

However, if you know that marketing is not your superpower, then bring on a team of experts. It doesn’t have to be us. You can go to Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and so many other freelancer websites. On those sites, you can pull together the entire team. Yes, a fragmented team but hey… they are your team.

We have an entire team that works together on each project. Our goal is a one-stop-shop for all those needs. One point person to talk to who manages the entire process. Marketing, Packaging, Production, Pitch and Placement and so much more.

There are never any guarantees when it comes to launching your book or idea. No one can guarantee that. People launch products every day that flop. So it’s tough decision who you put on your team. Just make sure that you give yourself the best shot at success.

If the people you want to attract are already beating down your door with offers, you don’t need us. If you have a marketing team and they are pushing and making progress that is satisfactory to you, you don’t need us. If you’re “Singing in the shower” and somehow the rated PG13 version has gone viral, you don’t need us.

However, if you know you have a great product and you need at a minimum a website, promotion, social media setup, pitch team, consultants, and more then you need us or someone like us. The internet has leveled the playing field. Hundreds if not thousands of new ideas hit the next per hour. If you think you don’t need marketing to stand out then please come back in a few years and let us know the secret sauce for success for everyone and we will be happy to remove this article.